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What is the best approach for marketing a business app consulting company online to the local community?

We are a small (husband and wife) consulting company specializing in data mining, development of custom reports, ERP implementation and configuration, and development of custom, web-enabled applications for business process management in the San Francisco Bay Area ( Keywords for our type of business are very expensive. What is the best way to promote our business to the local community online?

Posted by Todd

You have to spread your business through Internet. Web Marketing will help you to do this. There is long process to do so like Website Optimization, Keywords, Link Buildings, Directory Submissions, Articles, Blogs and Backlinks. It will help you to attract the visitors to your Business and you can grow your business.

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Web domain name advice for small business?

Hi, quick question that I've never really thought about. I'm designing a website for a business called Valparaiso Hobby. Valparaiso is the name of the city. However, it is commonly referred to as Valpo by most people in the town.

So what are some thoughts on vs

Right now I'm leaning towards the shorter version for simplicity, but this is an issue I've never really dealt with before and I don't really know the impact such a difference may have. One thought I had is maybe people out of town may not know the slang term for the city, but I'm not sure. Anyone with experience have any advice on which may be better or worse and why?

Thank you!
Thanks matt, that's actually an excellent idea that I somehow didn't even think of! Great solution and thanks for the help.

Posted by Bob

Honestly, I would purchase both.

Valparaiso is a hard name to pronounce and spell so the simpler, the better. On the other hand, it is the name of the business. I would purchase both and have the shorter one automatically redirect to the other.

When marketing, I would refer people to the shorter version for simplicity.

What is the impact of the Web on small businesses?

Posted by yemenfelix

- Allowed small entrepreneurs to reach a huge audience at a very affordable cost. The world is your market; and you can potentially reach anyone, anywhere who has a computer and an access to the Internet.

- You can also use the Internet to give your customers direct access to sales literature at no incremental cost. The number of prospects that you reach is not proportionally dependent to the number of brochures that you printed.

- Permits the business to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without staffing.

- Allows marketing materials and product pricing to be instantaneously updated at almost no expense.